How Do I Get Outside Myself to Stay Sober?

An inside job has typically been referred to crimes committed on an organization from someone on the inside of the said organization. Today in recovery we talk about an inside job being the work we do to literally clean out our insides. From doing this inside cleaning, we can learn to stay sober without all the pain and trauma holding us back. In the midst of growth and emotional fundamental development in recovery, our inside job is part of another job to get us to get outside ourselves. Confusing, right? The goal of recovery is to help us get outside of ourselves so that we can stop thinking about us to focus on other things that also matter. 

Why do we need to work on our inside to get outside of ourselves?

Now that you are working towards staying sober, something negative must have happened to you to get you here. Adverse situations have a way of shifting your focus towards improvement which takes stepping out of what you would normally do to do something different. Once you allow yourself to break out of the confinement of your self-imprisonment, your dubiety can turn into emotional sobriety. 

How do we get outside of ourselves? 

As mentioned, working on your core being can push you to be more service-oriented instead of constantly thinking about how bad you have it. Working the 12-Steps and practicing the principles in all your affairs can do more for you than you could possibly imagine. You learn to become less judgmental and before you know it, you are extending more compassion out for others. Human nature dictates that you would think of yourself first as a means of survival. Recovery will encourage you to change that mentality into assisting others as a means of survival in your recovery. Doing things for others, even when that seems foreign to you, is a good indicator that you are accomplishing getting out of yourself for the better good of your sobriety. 

Not only will life get better for you by doing things for others, but you are also making life better for them with your kindness and generosity. Getting outside of yourself takes courage and determination that you can totally achieve just by continuously working your recovery program. Keep pushing outside yourself and the inside job you are working so diligently on will shine brightly for others to see.  

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