Arthrex Synergy 4K

The Arthrex Synergy 4K is an imaging platform representing the future of arthroscopic surgery and will forever change how doctors treat their patients. The machine is already revolutionizing the medical world and will continue to do so well into the future.

The Synergy imaging and resection device offers unmatched contrast, depth of field, and sharpness using endoscopic imaging. You can now view standard visible light images with near-infrared (NIR) overlays, gray-scale visual light images with NIR overlays, or just NIR images. Read more about how Synergy arthroscopes work, why it’s so beneficial to patients, and what makes it such an essential tool for surgeons today!

What is Arthrex Camera Systems?

Arthrex offers the world’s first UHD 4K Medical Display. The 32″ 4K monitor is calibrated with SynergyUHD4 for optimal performance across all surgical specialties. An integrated OR solution with a 4K capability converts native 4K and HD inputs to IP-based digital signals, distributed with zero latency to any connected monitor, speaker, etc.

The Synergy Matrix control interface is easy to navigate and can be accessed in either a web browser or the SynergyUHD4/HD3TM control tablet.

A pioneer in 4K technology, Arthrex introduced the industry’s first 10mm and 5.5mm endoscopes in 4K. The new 4K 4 mm arthroscope from Arthrex enhances resolution and clarity overall. Arthrex’s autoclavable arthroscopes featuring the SynergyUHD4 camera system deliver superb image quality while ensuring robust durability. Besides multiple hermetic seals, they tested the arthroscope to withstand thousands of autoclave cycles.

Benefits of the SynergyUHD4™ Imaging Platform

  • The ability to route videos in 4K.A few key features make the scopes generate superior clinical imagery:
    • They produce realistic anatomy with low barrel distortion.
    • Brilliant illumination with highly high optical efficiency. An exceptionally clear image thanks to an ultra-high-definition sensor combined with an exceptional optical system.
    • Installation is more rapid because of the small hardware footprint.
    • Display of live video images from video sources allows staff to identify destinations and sources for routing without relying on potentially misleading descriptions or icons.
    • By automatically updating the user interface, the staff sees only sources and destinations available in their operating room, so they eliminate the risk of routing to a source or destination that is unavailable.
    • Streaming audio/video in a secure manner to reduce HIPAA risks.
    • In addition to reducing operating costs, large AV racks in each operating room are no longer needed, allowing facilities to use expensive OR space for other purposes.
    • It provides familiarity and assistance with support for facility IT and clinical engineering.
    • The simple, intuitive user interface reduces the possibility of errors and allows staff to use the system without extensive training.
    • Monitoring, support, and upgrading the system can be done remotely, minimizing intrusions in the operating room.

Synergy ID endoscopic imaging system by Arthrex combines augmented reality capabilities, such as near-infrared fluorescence imaging, with state-of-the-art 4K visualization for advanced visualization. Synergy ID offers customizable white light color augmentation and four times as many pixels as HD.

Direct LED integration also offers precision color reproduction at 10-bit resolution. Your patients can get a better quality of life with the Arthrex Synergy 4K, a tool that diagnoses the cause of headaches, migraines, and facial pain.

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