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If you or a loved one is looking for Colorado drug treatment centers, look no further than Valiant Living. Everyone struggles with addiction for different reasons, whether it’s related to a traumatic event or an underlying mental health condition. At Valiant Living Detox and Assessment, we understand that everyone is unique and requires an individualized approach to treatment.

Our skilled professionals can help you uncover the root cause of your issues, identify any undiagnosed mental illness symptoms, and work with you to find the appropriate course of care so that you can be healed both inside and out. We provide compassionate support during every step of recovery so that our patients have everything they need to begin living a healthier life.

Mental Health and Co-Occurring Disorders

Here in the United States, millions battle substance use disorders. Without assistance and support, individuals dealing with addiction are susceptible to numerous issues — from deteriorating their physical health to compromising relationships and financial instability. What's more, those suffering from addiction often expose themselves to hazardous conditions on a daily basis.

Few are aware that individuals with substance use disorders may experience mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), in addition to their addiction. An article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association disclosed that over half of people struggling with addiction also have one or more severe psychological conditions.

Mental health conditions can be incredibly taxing on a person's ability to cope with regular life demands. They interfere greatly with one's emotions, sentiments, and thought processes – making the journey of recovery all the more arduous. When addiction is involved in addition to underlying mental disorders, it presents an even greater difficulty known as dual diagnosis. Thus it is essential for people who suffer from co-occurring disorders to receive comprehensive care that addresses both issues simultaneously when seeking recovery solutions.

Look to Valiant Living

For those in need of treatment for addiction, with co-occurring mental health issues, Valiant Living Detox and Assessment is the perfect place to start. Our Colorado drug treatment centers team understands how difficult it can be living with a mental illness and provides patients with the necessary care to build an effective strategy that will lead them toward lasting recovery. We offer time, guidance, and space so that individuals can take a step back from their lives amidst our safe environment.

We understand how discouraging and lonely it can be, making many unsure of their choices or who to reach out to. Our main objective is to supply dual-diagnosis patients with the comprehensive, compassionate, and cohesive care they need in order to begin feeling steadier about life. When our patients have stabilized again, we help them return back onto a path toward recovery by crafting an action plan as well as connecting them with appropriate post-care options.

Understanding These Disorders

Ignoring our psychological well-being has been a problem for centuries, particularly before psychology was established in the 19th century. Thankfully, now we recognize how much our mental health matters and its influence on daily life – from influencing our thoughts to controlling behavior. Consequently, taking care of both physical and mental health is essential if we want to achieve full wellness.

When elements of our brain's functioning become unbalanced, it may result in debilitating effects that can affect an individual’s daily life. This could produce a range of symptoms such as chronic depression, worry and anxiety, paranoia, difficulty concentrating, and irrational thinking. Commonly accompanying these mental health issues are the following disorders:


Anxiety disorders are a set of mental health conditions that create feelings of fear, worry, and stress. Those struggling with an anxiety disorder often experience such severe distress from their symptoms that it can drastically reduce the quality and pleasure derived from life.


Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions, marked by consistent and pervasive feelings of despair and gloom. Those with depression may feel overwhelmed by their symptoms, to the point that it affects daily life activities such as relationships or professional ambitions.


Traumatic and distressful events can have a devastating impact on an individual, leading to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Those suffering from PTSD find it difficult to adjust and manage their symptoms, which may include re-experiencing the trauma through flashbacks or nightmares; experiencing intense stress, sadness, and depression; as well as feeling fixated on the traumatic event itself.

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a complex mental health illness that disrupts one's emotional state and can cause dramatic shifts in their mood, from extreme highs to lows. These unpredictable episodes of mania or depression can have long-lasting effects on someone's ability to go about day-to-day activities.


Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental condition that interferes with concentration, learning, and behavior. People living with ADHD often struggle to focus on tasks at hand, remain still, or control their impulsive actions. Without proper treatment and care of the symptoms, individuals may confront hardships managing daily duties or keeping jobs they have been hired for.

Be Brave and Reach Out

Mental health is just as essential for overall well-being as physical health. Our Colorado drug treatment centers are professionals at understanding our patients. We understand the need for comprehensive care, long-term management plans, and individualized therapies to achieve a sustainable mental balance that will lead to lasting wellness. That's why our programs are designed to give patients back control of their lives while providing them with a safe space where they can develop sobriety and improved mental well-being at the same time.

Valiant Living Detox and Assessment is proud to say that we get to the root of our patient's addiction problems. Since we treat both addiction and mental health, you will have a great recovery. We are not judgemental and we are here for you to begin your recovery journey. Give us a call at 720-796-6885 or fill out our Contact Form.

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