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We at Valiant Living Detox and Assessment are a quality Denver addiction treatment facility. We understand that for those struggling with addiction, the decision to seek help is an incredibly brave and important one. It's critical to get on the path to recovery in a safe, respectful and nurturing environment that are focused on individualized care. Valiant Living Detox and Assessment offers exactly that – a place for healing and recovery with highly trained professionals who make sure each client is treated with respect and dignity. This facility understands the unique needs of those suffering from addiction, providing a welcoming atmosphere where positive changes can take root. Whether you're looking for more comprehensive care or simply just getting your feet wet in recovery, you can trust Valiant Living Detox and Assessment as a smart option.

Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occurring Disorders

Dual diagnosis is the medical term for individuals struggling with both an addiction and a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety or schizophrenia. People turn to substance abuse in order to cope with their psychiatric issues by self-medicating or masking the symptoms they are feeling. Conversely, extended drug use has been known to worsen existing psychological conditions too. It's worth noting that dual diagnosis is not rare; it affects most of those who seek help for alcohol/drug dependency treatment programs.

Valiant Living & Dual Diagnosis

At Valiant, our specialized team of professionals have the expertise and experience to help patients battling co-occurring disorders make long-term recoveries. We understand that dual diagnosis requires a custom approach that takes into account both their mental health needs and substance use patterns. Our aim is to teach these individuals fresh, healthy ways of managing their psychiatric symptoms for lasting wellbeing.

Our Denver addiction treatment clinical team is composed of an array of counselors, medical staff, addiction technicians, nurse practitioners and other professionals who are well-versed in treating a variety of mental health issues. To ensure your treatment plan's success, we employ an integrative approach that combines holistic modalities with evidence-based therapies and medications to holistically address your needs.

In addition, we provide dual diagnosis patients with dynamic mental health monitoring and sophisticated case management to assist them in dealing with the intricate emotions that tend to arise during detoxification.

Why Mental Health Needs to be Treated Along with Addiction

Navigating the healthcare system can be an obstacle for those with co-occurring disorders, as mental health issues may go undiagnosed or untreated. And though addiction treatment centers often focus on physical aspects of substance use, only a mere 20% and 10%, respectively, of these facilities in the United States meet criteria for dual diagnosis care. This is why it's so crucially important to seek out specialized help from professionals who are equipped to address both your mental health needs and any existing addictions.

The narrow scope of many treatment centers can be a major obstacle for patients dealing with both psychiatric and dependency problems, as they require specialized therapies that take into account their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, individuals suffering from mental health issues often face other impediments to recovery such as:

  • Social stigmas
  • Lower motivation to change
  • Less likely to seek treatment
  • Lack of access to health care
  • Financial and insurance barriers
  • Limited support for co-occurring disorders
  • Communication challenges

We Know Your Mental Health Matters

At Valiant Living, we understand the correlation between mental health and substance misuse issues. Our experienced clinical staff utilizes an integrative detox program that concentrates on treating and managing psychiatric symptoms of dual diagnosis patients as well as their substance usage difficulties. Through utilizing a range of psychotherapies, holistic approaches, medication management, among other resources – we guarantee a more successful therapy outcome by preparing our patients thoroughly for the next stages in their recovery process post-detoxification.

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