Detox In Denver

Here at Valiant Living's detox in Denver, we prioritize helping individuals facing substance abuse and co-occurring disorders on their journeys to sobriety. Our team works hard to create a safe space for our patients where they can find peace while overcoming physical dependencies on drugs or alcohol. We endeavor to weave together an interventional detox plan in a tranquil home-like setting so that each patient can relax throughout the treatment process before considering life after recovery.

Valiant's Detox in Denver

Once our patients have been stabilized, and balanced and are ready to progress toward recuperation, we provide them with long-term treatment based on understanding and care. In the majority of cases, detoxification is the initial phase in recovery due to persisting traces of drugs or alcohol which make it difficult for an individual to resist strong desires or break away from old habits that obstruct their capacity to center themselves around healing as well as adhere to sobriety.

Our team of highly qualified medical professionals is devoted to providing the highest quality care that helps patients remove drugs and alcohol safely and efficiently. Each patient's individual needs are assessed upon intake, followed by 24/7 access to medical services with skillful management of withdrawal symptoms for a more positive experience. Our detox in Denver evidence-based treatments and techniques guarantee comfort and safety throughout detoxification:

  • Medical and psychiatric assessments
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Relapse prevention and support
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Holistic modalities
  • Psychotherapies
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Daily activities
  • Post-detox care coordination

Experience Long Term Recovery with us

Once our patients have achieved balanced stability after detox, we collaborate with them and their families to decide what happens next. While this detox step is integral for the commencement of the recovery process, it is only through formal treatment that long-term sobriety can be attained. We aid our patients in setting goals for treatment, discuss any financial or insurance limitations they may face, and assist them in overcoming existing barriers so that they are able to find an ideal fit among all possible treatment centers.

Achieving long-term recovery is much more likely with the right care and continued support. We provide a variety of aftercare options, such as standard or intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), residential care, sober living facilities, dual diagnosis programs, and 12-step meetings – all tailored to your individual needs. Our team will help make this transition easier for you by keeping everything organized, informing you about critical details along the way, and motivating you every step of the way toward successful sobriety.

Needing help for addiction may seem difficult to overcome, but when you have a supportive team of professionals in a structured and caring setting, the journey can be much smoother. Valiant's mission is to assist every patient on their recovery voyage by giving them the strong start that they need. If someone you know or yourself is fighting addiction and requires assistance, reach out or call us now at 720-796-6885 and acquire information about our program as well as learn how we can aid. You can even verify your insurance right on our website.

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Detox In Denver

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