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Pandemic Drinking Causes Alarming Rise in Liver Disease


The pandemic has brought about a lot of dangerous health problems for millions of people. Besides the high number of individuals who have contracted and succumbed to the coronavirus, another health crisis has popped up. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported a rather shocking statistic related to alcoholism. Their study showed an increase in liver disease […]

Why You Never Have to Feel This Way Again

Why You Never Have to Feel This Way Again

Plain and simple, drug and alcohol addiction is painful. Not only does the physical aspect make a person experience withdrawal and self-infliction, but mental and spiritual torture can become extremely difficult to manage. Someone who battles addiction will beat themselves up to the point of using and drinking until their bodies can no longer handle […]

6 Warning Signs that College Drinking Has Gotten Out of Control

Drinking has become more or less accepted as part of college culture. Many students are away from home for the first time in their lives and they want to take full advantage of their new freedom. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that about 60 percent of full-time college students drank alcohol […]

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