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Making the Move Back to Campus While In Recovery

Many college students spent the last year away from campus. Those in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs may have found they experienced less temptation this way. However, as society reopens, many college campuses are preparing for an influx of students this summer and fall. Preparing for what to expect as you move back […]

Detox Can Help You Survive College with a Dual Diagnosis


College is supposed to be about self-discovery, creating lifelong friendships, developing independence, and seeing what the world has to offer. Unfortunately, your parents, teachers, and other students may place pressure on you to be the person they want you to be, allowing yourself to give in to drugs or alcohol and potentially develop a mental […]

Tips to Going Back to School in Sobriety

Tips to Going Back to School in Sobriety

August is known as the “back to school” month for thousands of schools and colleges around the country. People of all ages attempt to elevate their education by enrolling in school in the hopes of reaching their next academic level. Now that you are sober and trying to better your life, you may be interested […]

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