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Can Experimenting With Drugs Lead To Addiction?


Substance use and addiction have affected millions of lives all across the world. However, there are always questions about why and how substance use addiction begins. Truthfully, there are many beginnings to addiction, and experimentation can be one of them. It is important to understand that the stages of addiction are unique to each person […]

Preparing for the Storm


Recently the state of Texas experienced an unusual winter storm that impacted a considerable amount of its residents. High snowfall rates and ice caused power outages for millions of people, many of whom went several days with no heat, lights, or ways to cook. While everyone cannot adequately prepare for such a situation, some burdens […]

Detoxing From More Than Just Alcohol and Drugs

detoxing from more than just drugs

When you hear the word “detoxification,” quitting alcohol and drugs probably comes to mind. While purifying your body by ridding the toxins related to addiction is vital, many people find other opportunities to engage in a “detox” beneficial to improve their frame of mind. Other areas of your life can go through a “detox” to […]

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