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Top 5 Things People Get Wrong About Addiction

Understanding what happens during addiction

Misconceptions happen all the time regarding addiction. The truth is that addiction is often misunderstood because anyone who is not addicted to drugs and alcohol cannot understand what happens mentally and physically with someone who is. Addiction triggers an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind as soon as substances enter the […]

What Are the Common Fears Surrounding Rehab?

Fear of loss in recovery

Someone who desperately needs to receive treatment from drugs and alcohol may put up a fight or refuse to go simply because of fear. They may have devised up some misgivings about what attending a rehabilitation center will be like based on what they believe will happen – not on the reality of what actually […]

What Does it Mean to “Spin-Dry” in One’s Recovery?

Someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol is always trying to find ways to up the ante to make their high hit more effectively than the last one. What happens during drug and alcohol addiction is that an individual’s tolerance increases which also dangerously increases their consumption. Once the line is crossed into addiction, […]

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