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Regret is an Opportunity for Growth


Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay because, without them, it would be difficult for people to figure out how they might be able to change. A common occurrence seen with making these mistakes is that they can turn into regret. Care needs to be taken when dealing with regret so it can be processed in […]

Will My Family Issues Ever Be Resolved?

Will My Family Issues Ever Be Resolved?

“Blood is thicker than water” is a phrase that implies that family is the most important bond that you can have here on Earth. In theory, that sounds like the perfect world. The truth is that family relationships can be tricky at times and hard to endure. Your deepest pain is probably rooted in the […]

Step Nine – Making Amends

Step Nine - Making Amends

The past is an integral part of your recovery because you need to remember what it was like before to keep you from going back. Being liberated from the past is essential to gain closure and move forward with your strength and hope. If the pain still hurts, this means that you have some work […]

Why Relapse is a Part of Recovery

Why Relapse is a Part of Recovery

You may hear time and again that relapse is part of recovery. This statement bothers some because they feel this is a justification that propels people into a relapse. For those who do relapse, this statement can help take away some of the shame and guilt that could keep them from coming back to their […]

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