What is the Launching Pad Program?

The Valiant Detox and Assessment’s new Launching Pad / Residential Program is a comprehensive and individualized approach to recovery, designed to prepare individuals for their journey towards healing and self-discovery. This program offers daily group sessions and individual meetings with case managers, therapists, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists, ensuring a well-rounded and personalized care plan. Participants will engage in individualized assignments tailored to address a range of issues including mental health, substance use disorders, intimacy disorders, behavioral compulsions, and relapse prevention. The program also includes a variety of experiential groups and activities, such as meditation classes, support groups, and sleep hygiene, to foster holistic well-being. Comprehensive assessments are conducted to tailor recommendations and interventions based on the data collected. Additionally, the program assists in setting up an aftercare plan, ensuring a seamless transition to ongoing support. It offers both coed and gender-specific groups to cater to diverse needs, along with involving referral sources and families in the recovery process. The emphasis on healthy food and exercise along with basic education and detoxification from behaviors, substances, and technologies ensures a solid foundation before participants move to less intensive programming at other facilities. This innovative program is a testament to Valiant Detox and Assessment’s commitment to providing deep, transformative care for those on the path to recovery.

What We Offer

  • Daily groups
  • Individual meetings with case manager and therapist.
  • Individual meeting with nurse practitioner and/or psychiatrist.
  • Individualized assignments, focusing on mental health, SUD, intimacy disorders, behavioral compulsions, and relapse prevention.
  • Experiential groups and activities- meditation classes, support groups, sleep hygiene, and more
  • Assessments and recommendations to address the data collected
  • Help setting up aftercare plan.
  • Coed, as well as gender specific groups.
  • Referral source and family involvement.
  • Healthy food, and exercise.
  • Basic education and detox from behaviors/substances/technologies before entering into less intensive programming at other facilities
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JR Gallegos, Clinical Coordinator

I’m JR Gallegos, your Clinical Coordinator, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to a place of transformation and hope. Here at Valiant, we are dedicated to guiding you through a journey of healing and self-discovery. Our new Launching Pad / Residential Program is designed to offer not just detoxification, but a comprehensive, individualized path to recovery. With a team of compassionate professionals and a range of tailored therapies and activities, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life starts here, and we are honored to be a part of it.