Valiant focuses on much more than just detox. Stabilization is a fantastic a first step, but at Valiant we follow up with customized, for long-term plan for lasting recovery.  

Read on to learn more about the unique treatment groups that we offer to help facilitate this process.

Join our Saturday 12-Step Group for an open discussion centered around the foundational steps of recovery, with a particular focus on Step 1. While not affiliated with any specific 12-step organization like AA or CA, our group follows a similar format, offering a welcoming introduction to the principles and protocols of 12-step programs.

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Embark on a transformative journey of spirituality with our Friday afternoon group where we explore the essence of humanity and embrace our inherent imperfections with compassion and self-forgiveness. Each week, we explore various topics to uncover the healing potential of a power greater than ourselves, fostering self-discovery, and spiritual growth.

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Our Art Therapy groups utilize a variety of creative techniques to explore themes of acceptance, transformation, and perseverance through addiction and recovery. The curriculum consists of spontaneous imagery and seasons drawings; past, present, and future collages; inside/outside masks; and clay addiction and recovery animals. Each of these art directives incorporates remedial principles such as acceptance, patience, transformation, resistance, and perseverance. 

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Embark on a transformative six-week journey focused on essential themes for recovery and personal growth. Led by experienced facilitators, each week delves into topics vital for sustaining sobriety and fostering well-being, from understanding addiction’s roots to envisioning a fulfilling future. Through engaging discussions and experiential activities, participants explore relapse prevention strategies, emotional regulation techniques, and the cultivation of a positive self-concept. 

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The Medication Education Group provides comprehensive information on the detox and stabilization process, including symptoms that individuals might experience, various types of medications used for tapering and comfort, and potential side effects, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their journey to recovery. 

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Our general process groups are a supportive and therapeutic space where individuals come together to explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Our group sessions provide an opportunity for participants to share their challenges, victories, and insights on their journey toward recovery and personal growth.

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The Valiant Detox Team

Meet the team of experienced professionals at Valiant Detox. Each member of our team takes a part in leading, facilitating, and organizing our groups as the backbones of our treatment programs.

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