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Alcohol addiction can sneak up on any of us, which is scary for our health and well-being. This addiction will intertwine itself into the person’s home, school, work, and relationships. It is important to watch out for alcohol addiction signs in yourself and your loved ones.

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What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem with far-reaching consequences that can have devastating impacts on an individual’s mental and physical health. It manifests itself as alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, or alcohol use disorder – all of which involve strong cravings and compulsive behaviors that inhibit a person’s ability to make sound decisions.

This leads to problems in social interactions, family relationships, work performance, and overall well-being. To make matters worse, it is categorized as a chronic brain disease, meaning it can be difficult for the addict themselves to recognize their behavior and seek treatment for their illness.

However, with long-term commitment and comprehensive support systems available through rehabilitation programs and counselors dedicated to helping individuals suffering from alcohol addiction, there is hope for these individuals to get back on track.

The staff at Valiant Detox is a caring group of professionals dedicated to helping you recover from alcohol addiction.  

Meet the Valiant Detox Team

Valiant Living’s Alcohol Detox Process



Our team of established medical experts is devoted to providing excellent care that supports individuals detoxing from alcohol addiction. We evaluate our client’s individual needs thoroughly upon their arrival, ensuring 24/7 access to healthcare throughout the whole process. Utilizing both evidence-based treatments and other methods, we manage withdrawal symptoms from alcohol addiction efficiently for a more relaxed experience while guaranteeing each patient’s safety.



Once patients have completed detox and feel stable, we work with them and their families to determine what the next steps are.

Our primary focus is to help patients identify their treatment goals, in addition to any financial or insurance limitations they may have so that we can find a treatment center that will be the best fit for them.

Our team of professionals will help guide you on your journey toward long-term recovery, ensuring a successful transition by keeping you organized, informed, and inspired.


ongoing treatment

Our quality inpatient rehabilitation services ensure our patients get the most personalized care possible. There are 3 to 4 staff members assigned to each client throughout their stay. Between our highly trained team of specialists and comfortable amenities, we create an environment that nurtures healing for every patient in alcohol recovery at Valiant Living Detox and Assessment.

Finding Long Term Treatment

At Valiant Living Detox and Assessment, we believe that fully understanding the value of long-term treatment for alcohol addiction is integral to gaining back your health and well-being.

Tackling the needs of each individual requires tailored care plans in an inpatient rehabilitation setting. Our staff understands the sensitivity of the situation and strives to create a safe, clean, and comforting environment for our patients to get the best possible care. We strive to help patients detox from their alcohol addiction while also creating a comprehensive plan going forward.

With daily group activities, patient-centered one on one care, and family involvement, Valiant Living Detox and Assessment provides clients with all that they need to begin their journey toward long-term recovery.

One Of Colorado's Top-Rated Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

Do not let another day go by. Our professional admissions team is standing by to talk to you now.

Come visit us in our beautiful treatment center and experience a life enriched by sobriety.

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One Of Colorado's Top-Rated Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

Do not let another day go by. Our professional admissions team is standing by to talk to you now.

Come visit us in our beautiful treatment center and experience a life enriched by sobriety.

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Understanding Addiction

If you think that it is time to get help, Valiant Detox's quizzes can assist you in comprehending your issue and figuring out how we can lend a hand. We are devoted to helping those struggling with addiction as well as their families on the journey toward sobriety.

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FAQS & What to expect

We’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions to help shed some light on the experience and ease any lingering ears of anxieties you may have.

“I highly recommend this place. The staff is very encouraging but not forceful. You are well taken care of and nothing is rushed. These are good people with your best interest in mind. Go here!!”

– Emma

“I had the pleasure of working with Valiant on a recent intervention. From beginning to end, I had an excellent experience with their staff and services. I found the staff communicative and professional throughout the process. I would highly recommend this facility.”


“Valiant Detox deserves more than five stars. You are treated with the utmost respect and kindness from the nurses and techs. The facility is so comfortable and clean. If you or a loved one need a detox facility this is the best place to go!”