A Comprehensive Plan

The initial step to healing is undoubtedly the most challenging and can be filled with distress and uncertainty. However, at Valiant Detox, we are here to guide you through this difficult journey with compassion and understanding. Our professionals will work with you hand in hand as they provide support throughout your recovery process by creating a detailed plan of action tailored specifically for you. To ensure that the discussion remains constructive and healthy, it is essential to include family members, close friends and a professional counselor in this process. This allows your loved one to be encouraged into seeking help for their struggles. Through careful planning of potential results for each side involved, everyone will be better prepared for any possible outcome they might encounter along the way.

An Experienced Substance Abuse Interventionist

Strategizing a successful intervention may cause tension and unease among family members and friends, but it can be even more difficult to assist someone dealing with an issue without making them feel attacked or backed into a corner. Although some families might try to tackle this on their own, these delicate conversations could have dire effects if not handled delicately. If you seek out the help of a certified and experienced counselor, it will significantly boost your chances for a successful healing process. Unlike family members with strong emotional ties to the individual suffering from addiction, counselors bring an objective viewpoint that can offer both empathetic support and rational suggestions. They can provide insight into viable treatment opportunities as well as forge plans for long-term sobriety moving forward.