Who Is Residential Care For?

Colorado is abundant with treatment centers, but few provide full-time residency. Valiant Detox stands out from the crowd by offering co-ed detox programs and extended inpatient residential care in addition to day clinics or outpatient care – all of which are tailored to ensure comprehensive wellbeing for each client. Our intensive inpatient program boasts a higher success rate for individuals who complete the residency and sustainably maintain their recovery. This is especially crucial when dealing with more persistent or severe cases of addiction.

A Valiant Recovery

Valiant Detox is unique in that we offer residential inpatient treatment, allowing individuals to focus on healing for 24 hours a day. Not only do we provide essential detox and therapy services during the recovery process, but our comprehensive approach also helps break the cycle of addiction by providing access to necessary life skills training programs. We strive to go beyond traditional approaches and ensure each person has all they need for success long after leaving treatment.

Being apart from a loved one is challenging, especially when you imagine them in a residential facility that has a cold and clinical atmosphere. We’ve taken care to create a space that is able to make both your loved one and your family comfortable. The work to be done is never easy; healing takes time, but the environment of our facility will never take away from the emotional and mental work.