Is Valiant Detox Right for Me?

Whether clients have been to treatment before or this is their first time, the Valiant Living goes above and beyond to help each individual achieve long-term recovery. We provide in-depth, high-quality care and supervision that is ideal for both new clients and those who have recently relapsed and want to get back on track without a long-term stay. Our program also includes dual diagnosis care for clients with mental health concerns and provides support for those on medication-assisted treatment. Before discharge, our team will then recommend and coordinate the right level of care for each client, making this program appropriate for a wide range of clients regardless of where they’re at in their recovery.

Aftercare Treatment and Case Management

After completing detox, many clients wonder what comes next. Detox is an essential part of the recovery process, but it isn’t effective on its own — lasting sobriety is built over time in a short or long-term treatment program that addresses the complex nature of addiction. That’s why we offer a Transitional Residence Program at Valiant Detox, a unique approach to residential treatment that focuses on getting patients where they need to be. This short-term program gives us the opportunity to identify the needs of each patient and coordinate post-detox treatment for a smooth transition into a higher level of care. Throughout the process, our recovery teams work closely with patients and their families to assess their individual needs, identify treatment goals, begin financial planning and more to ensure that next steps are in place at the time of discharge.