Earning an Online Addiction Counseling Degree

Earning an Online Addiction Counseling Degree

The opioid crisis is taken more seriously now than ever before as there is more sympathy for those that are under the influence as well as the justice system changing how they deal with drug-related offenses. This is inspiring more people to want to understand addiction and help those who are struggling. By obtaining an online addiction counseling degree, you will gain professional training and skills to help you be a better rehabilitation counselor. 


Students will learn through online addiction counseling all about addiction counseling as well as related topics like relapsing. Relapse prevention courses will teach students all about addiction prevention strategies that you can pass onto your patients. You may also be taking courses in addiction policy where you learn about the nature and development of addiction-related public policy. There are also courses on co-occurring disorders to learn about the combination of drugs and mental illness. You can also learn about research methodology to learn how to research addiction and analyze data. There are also clinical practice courses for substance screenings, client assessments, and treatment options. All of these courses will give you the tools to know all of the important pieces of information on addiction to better help your patients.

Jobs to Benefit with Online Addiction Counseling Courses

Learning about addiction counseling online can get you to work in an outpatient center, residential substance abuse centers, schools, hospitals, correctional institutions, and social service facilities. Correctional treatment specialists can provide counseling and rehab planning for criminals. Duties include counseling for substance abuse, drug testing, making rehab plans, and performing psychological evaluations. As a social worker, these classes can help you inform clients of recovery resources, 12 step programs, support groups, and coping strategies. Substance abuse counselors can facilitate interventions, evaluate treatment effectiveness, and substance abuse prevention education.


Applicants need to already have a bachelor’s degree. Schools normally do not require GRE scores or work experience as a qualification. Clinical social workers need to be licensed and non-clinical social workers need a certification or a license as well. To be a substance abuse counselor, they need a master’s degree and to pass a state-issued exam. Correctional treatment specialists need to go through government-sponsored training and pass a certification exam. Whether you are in recovery yourself or are interested in the study of addiction recovery, these classes will help you be able to help your patients achieve recovery.

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