Sesame Street Tackles Cell Phone Addiction in PSA

Sesame Street Tackles Cell Phone Addiction in PSA

The children’s television show has always done a great job in its 50 years educating children on prevalent issues from divorce to post-traumatic stress disorder. Recently, Sesame Street made a PSA about excessive cell phone use at inappropriate times. By having a popular television show like Sesame Street bring this addiction to children, they can learn about when the right time to use their cell phone is and how unhealthy it is to spend so much time on it.

What Happens in the Sesame Street PSA

In the PSA for the show’s 50th anniversary, Sesame Street made a video in response to Common Media’s “Device-Free Dinner” campaign. We see in the PSA the cast of Sesame Street getting ready for dinner by putting their devices away. We see Abby Cadabby put away her magical wand and Ernie putting away his banana phone. Cookie Monster is the only character to bring his phone to the dinner table. Even though he knows how important it is for him to talk to his friends through his cell phone, he decides to get rid of it by eating it. 

The Importance of a Device-Free Dinner

People may take advantage of the importance of family dinners as they feel like family dinners happen every night and that talking to our friends or checking social media cannot wait. According to Common Media, family dinners are very important in that 93% of parents believe conversations at the table are important in learning about your children’s lives. 34% had the TV on during dinner, 47% have been on their phones during dinner, and 88% of parents do not allow phones to be used at the table. A majority of parents feel that using your phone during dinner will disconnect them from their family members. Over half felt like devices were hurting their conversations and a third felt mobile devices during dinner caused arguments. 

What to Do at the Dinner Table About Devices

While Common Media promotes technology for education, fun, and connection purposes, they believe in the importance of face-to-face time. During a family dinner, devices should be put away for the 30 minutes that you are eating together. Turn your devices on silent or put them somewhere you will not be tempted to check them. The time you spend with your family should be cherished and to go back to your phone when dinner is over. 

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