San Diego Family Fights Against the Battle of Addiction After Son’s Death

San Diego Family Fights Against the Battle of Addiction After Son’s Death

It can be hard to know what to do when you see your son struggling with addiction. They may be disappointing you in neglecting what used to be important to them to do drugs, lying to you to acquire drugs, or committing crimes to ensure they get the money for drugs. It is not until after you lose your child to addiction that you realize the disease of addiction cannot be ignored, but fought to ensure no parent goes through this.

A Family Loses Son to Addiction

San Diego mother, Wendy Webber, had a son, Garrett, that she thought was funny, got good grades, excelled at sports, and had a huge heart. What she did not know until later was that her son was battling with addiction. Ever since Garrett was a teenager, he took marijuana and later heroin to help deal with his social anxiety. Garrett would spend his years in and out of rehab and counseling for his drug addiction. In June 2017, Garrett left a rehab program in Orange County with a friend and realized a few days later that they needed to check back in. After looking for programs in the area, they found one with an open bed the next day. Unfortunately, Garrett was not able to go as he died of an overdose that night at 22 years-old. 

The Webbers’ Impact on the Fight Against Addiction

On Garrett’s birthday, the Webbers launched a campaign to help others struggling with addiction. They started a scholarship fund in Garrett’s name at Genesis Recovery where Garrett previously received help and asked for donations. The Webber family also started the We Walk for Hope 5K which has been going strong for two years to raise scholarship money for treatment. The walk gives an opportunity to reflect on those who have died of addiction and bring hope to those who want to turn their lives around. 

Wendy Webber says that there were 150 walkers and raised $17,000 for the cause. Pictures of lost loved ones are posted throughout the route to memorialize those who died while walking. Steve Ackerman and JJ Wood were helped through Genesis scholarships as they both were addicted to drugs for over 15 years and now are sober and helping others at Genesis Recovery. By raising awareness of addiction and giving to help those overcome those challenges, fatal overdoses can occur less and less over time.

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