How Can I Receive Criticism Gracefully Now that I Am Sober?

How Can I Receive Criticism Gracefully Now that I Am Sober?

Addiction causes tons of conflict all the way around including having to walk around on eggshells with someone who is under the influence. Trying to set boundaries or give constructive criticism to someone who abuses drugs and alcohol can be tough, to say the least. A person who is suffering from substance abuse tends to take things really personal because of the low self-esteem that drugs and alcohol create.

If this sounds like you, even now that you have gotten sober, there are ways to learn how to be able to take criticism ongoing because let’s face it – everyone has an opinion these days. Learning how to deal with the critiques of others will actually make your sobriety thrive and help you not to worry about what other people think.

Just because they say it does not make it true.

People say all sorts of negative things every day that should not be taken at face value especially if you read them on social media. What one person enjoys; another likes to destroy because they think they can. Look at the source. Look at what they are saying. Look at the validity of their words. You should never own something that someone says to you which is not true and continue to give it power. 

Agree to disagree.

When someone spouts out some criticism and you do not believe it, then feel comfortable enough to hear it and feel even comfortable to kindly walk away. You are allowed to have your own view on life and so is someone else. Try not to get into unnecessary debates or arguments because you want to be right. Simply understand that you will get your point across by being a good example and practicing the principles in all your affairs.

Let it roll off your back.

Whatever criticism someone gives you, hear it and learn from it or just let it go. There is no reason to brood over someone else’s opinion because otherwise, you are letting your pride get the best of you. You will never, ever, please everybody all of the time. Understanding that you will receive some negative words from time to time can give you the ability to learn how to let their disapproval roll right off your back.

No one gets it right all the time, but you can respond positively to criticism and try to encourage others in return. The strongest people take criticism as a way to gain a thicker skin and grow into a more valuable person.  

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