Can I Go to a Baseball Game and Stay Sober?

Can I Go to a Baseball Game and Stay Sober?

One of the biggest sports during summertime is baseball. Whether you are attending little league games, high school games, minor or major games, people enjoy sitting in the stands rooting for their favorite team while cracking peanuts, munching on cracker jacks, eating a hotdog, and enjoying a frothy beer. Well, if you are sober, and maybe even newly sober, you may be nervous about attending a game that you love so much while being afraid that one of those beers might wind up in your hand, or worse, in your gut. 

If this is a legitimate fear for you, finding a way to stay sober while doing the things that give you pleasure is imperative. Why? Doing things that you enjoy in recovery gives you more reason to fulfill your purpose of staying sober and having fun doing it. You can stay sober this summer and every summer ahead, and here are some ways to make that happen. 

Sit on the bench

You may have to take a break from the games and or activities with drinking until you get a solid foundation in your sobriety. Going somewhere that you usually drink or use without any defense against cessation will only make you second guess if you truly have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Understanding why you must stop substance abuse, and then implementing tools to support the problem, will get to home plate.

Take a mound visit 

During a baseball game, you can see coaches and other players come to the pitcher’s mound to assist each other on how to win the game by strategizing or offering suggestions on how to improve in the game. The same can be true in sobriety. A “mound visit” would consist of working the steps with a sponsor, sharing your experience, strength, and hope during a meeting, or picking up the phone to reach out to others. Recovery is not meant to be done alone. You need people to keep you accountable, relate to, and to be encouraged by. Without others, you may think yourself right into a relapse

Wear your rally hat

Being hopeful that you can continue to exhibit growth for that “W” in sobriety is an ongoing process. Although you may not win a pennant or the World Series just by staying sober, you will overall rally in your life by keeping your eye on the ball – staying sober one day at a time. 

Just because you are sober, does not mean that your life of baseball games has to end your streak. Allow yourself some time to understand how to deal with your cravings and change the way you think about your addiction, so that you can show up and sing, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” without being taken out of your recovery.   

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