Why “Partying” Isn’t Really Partying Anymore

Why “Partying” Isn’t Really Partying Anymore

The phrase that is typically coined when a young person is drinking and using is “partying”. This term has been used for decades as adolescents who are underage find places, such as their houses when parents are out of town, to host their friends in hopes of trying not to get caught for drinking and using. Throughout high school and college, these underage drinkers continue to “party” wherever they can find a spot such as a fraternity party or park to get as drunk or as high as they wish. 

One major problem that a person will face if they continue to abuse drugs and alcohol is becoming addicted. Once someone becomes addicted, they will be faced with an obsession in the mind and an allergy of the body which makes a person not able to stop once they have taken one hit or had one drink. Although blacking out and passing out is usually deemed as a factor in “partying”, the truth is that these are some of the symptoms of addiction.

Tolerance is high

A goal that people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol have is to get as high and as drunk as they can to feel better. Once they start abusing these substances, they have to keep up the ante on how much they must use to try and get the same high as they did before. What this does is raise the tolerance level of how much they need to get the high they are looking to achieve. Once they have a high tolerance, coming off the drugs and alcohol will mean that they will probably need to have a supervised detoxification process to make sure they do not put themselves in danger. 

Withdrawal is tough

Once they are dependent on the mind-altering effects of drugs and alcohol, withdrawing off them will be tough. Chills, headaches, body aches, shaking, gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, loss of appetite, and irritability are just a few on the list of withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal plain and simple is awful and can affect a person in so many negative ways. 

Moral compass is low

Although the intention is to have fun, the things that a person will do under the influence is not. Loss of inhibition means that they are no longer operating with a full deck. Poor choices are made that deal with lying, cheating, stealing, and inconsiderate actions that will ultimately result in lowering their moral compass for the sake of getting drunk and high.  

Parties are meant to promote having a good time and “partying” under the influence of addiction is just not that fun at all. Once that line of addiction is crossed, that is when the party is over.

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