What are the Benefits of Picking Up That 1000 Pound Phone?

What are the Benefits of Picking Up That 1000 Pound Phone?

The basis of the 12-Step program started with one alcoholic literally picking up the phone and calling another alcoholic to keep from drinking that day. Surprisingly this method worked and continued to work one day at a time for the person who decided to use the phone to reach out when they felt overwhelmed by their obsession to drink.  

Since that ground-breaking night in 1935, many 12-Step programs have since been discovered that use the innovative method of reaching out to someone in a moment of weakness. Instead of reaching for a drink or a drug, reaching for the phone will save the day. Although this approach has seemingly worked for decades, sometimes the phone is perceived as weighing 1000 pounds and sometimes not picked up in a crucial time of need. When the decision to forego the suggestion to call someone when cravings for drugs and alcohol occur, a relapse could be on the horizon. Picking up the phone could prove to be beneficial and save your life.

You are being of service

Even if your intention is to spill your guts without asking how the other person is doing, calling someone who is also trying to stay sober, no matter how much sober time they have, helps out both people on both ends of the phone. Distraction is a great tool to trick your mind into thinking about something other than drugs and alcohol. This happens when you dial someone up and start talking about what you are going through. 

You can get some words to the wise

Relapse behavior does not produce the best ideas. Calling someone and letting them know what is on your mind, can help you to change your perspective and start making better decisions based on sound advice. Give yourself a chance to be successful by running your plans by someone who you trust to steer you in the right direction. 

You are practicing a fire drill

In the analogy of a fire drill being like your sobriety, you have to practice using the tools you have been given so that when you are in the “fire” of a relapse, you can navigate your way through this desperate time without getting burned. “Practice makes perfect” is a real concept that works when you are under pressure. If you already know what to do to stay sober, you have a better chance of making the right choice to not pick up a drink or drug, but better yet, pick up the phone.  

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