Will I Always Be Drowning in My Self-Pity?

Will I Always Be Drowning in My Self-Pity?

Once someone gets sober, they can be really down on themselves for all the poor decisions that they made when they were drinking and using. Financial, legal, relational, and medical issues can all arise from the abuse of drugs and alcohol and cause the feeling of complete defeat. When these situations ensue, drugs and alcohol can seem like the only solution to stop the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. The problem with using drugs and alcohol as a solution is that they can cause a person to experience over-the-top self-pity for a few different reasons. 

Drugs are depressants

Whether you are taking uppers, downers, or anything in the middle, these substances will eventually turn on you. You may feel on top of the world when you are under the influence of them, but this will only be short-lived. Once your tolerance builds up, you may no longer feel the desired mind-altering effects which will get you upset and then turn into self-pity. Drugs become an oxymoron of making you feel worse when you are supposed to feel high.

Drugs are the devil

When you are high or drunk all bets are off. Once you wake up and realize the things you did, that you would never do sober, you are going to feel bad about your decisions if you have any sort of conscious. Continuing to use drugs and alcohol will not only make things worse for your current situation but lower your self-esteem that will make your rate of self-pity much higher. Doing things that you know are not the right thing to do can only be explained by “the devil made you do it” mentality which will only make you feel worse about yourself. You are not in this life to endure self-pity all the time. Start using your recovery tools that can fight evil with good starting with the decision to stay sober today. 

The moral of the story in addiction is that abusing drugs and alcohol is not a good idea. What starts off as a way to take the edge off can lead you to the edge of your existence into addiction. The self-pity that is created within an addiction is extreme and hard to combat without the direction that a program of recovery can guide you through. 

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