How Do I Make Quality Decisions?

How Do I Make Quality Decisions?

As people go through life, they are inundated with thousands of decisions that come their way. Some involve ones that come naturally like waking up, finding something to eat, and going to work. Other decisions need more conclusive attention to understand the best option for them and choosing the right decision, especially in sobriety, can sometimes be daunting. What makes the action of decision so difficult for you in the first place? Well, if you were to make the wrong decision, you may feel guilt, remorse, stupidity, or excessive fear that can cause you to get down on yourself for making a mistake. The art of making quality decisions can be inspired by using a few tools to help you make decisions that you can live with.

Decide your desired outcome

Think about what it is you are trying to accomplish. Some decisions are certainly more difficult than others and you should treat them as such. If you are trying to figure out where to go have dinner with no avail, you could put a few choices in a hat and pick. Other decisions that take more thought such as moving or finding a job, may need to be considered carefully because these are the type of situations that could affect your livelihood and quite possibly your sobriety. Quality decisions can be made by playing out the different scenarios that could happen to you when you get the ball rolling. Your outcome could be a deciding factor into thinking about what you are doing before you do it to lead you in the best direction. 

Decide with your instincts

Deciphering your instincts will come with time as you work with your recovery program. The best decision you can make is to get sober and if you have already done that, your instincts are already working for you. As you start using recovery principles to your advantage, working steps, and taking direction from your sponsor or therapist, your instincts will innately follow suit. If you are unsure of whether your gut feeling is accurate, run it by your sponsor or your therapist to get a second opinion. 

Remember that just because you believe you have concluded the best route for you to take, you may still choose something that does not work out the way you thought it would. Go with the flow and clean up your errors as you go. Learn to give yourself a break because life is all about progress rather than perfection.  

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