Are You Complaining Too Much?

Are You Complaining Too Much?

Complaining is something as a society we regularly do. We complain because we have been wronged or annoyed by others. Literally, we can live totally blessed lives and still find reasons to complain because human nature is just like that. Plus, if we have loved ones who are using and drinking, there is no doubt there are many things we can find to complain about which turns out is really a coping mechanism to a pretty bad situation. 

 Addiction is no joke and is probably one of the top 5 situations that cause people to act differently than they normally would on both sides of the equation. We think that just because the person who cannot and will not stop using and drinking has the problem, but the truth is that addiction touches the lives of every single person who comes into contact with it, and not in a good way. A person who battles substance abuse can be the catalyst for pain and suffering to emerge and for those who are closet to them – a reason to complain.

 Even though we have what we think are justifiable reasons to complain about another’s behavior, we really need to take a good look at why we are complaining and what we are complaining about. You may see someone who is double-parked, making you park in a much further place in the parking lot, and causing you to feel inconvenienced. Someone else may comment on your social media post in a judgmental manner that could annoy you in complaining right back to the screen of your phone or your computer. There are a ton of reasons for you to complain and another reason to stop altogether. 

 Did you know that the singer, Pink, has challenged the internet, and her 6.8 million followers, to stop criticizing for one day? In her Instagram post back in August, she fought back against the haters by asking them to not complain about anything for one day and stating, “And if it feels good, hey, why not go TWO DAYS? But let’s start with one for the overzealous out there.” After being called out time and time again by people who feel like they can parent better than her and her husband, Corey Hart, she decided to take the initiative to turn this negative situation into a positive one.

 Now it is your turn. No matter what you have going on in your life, could you stop yourself from complaining or criticizing others on social media, to your loved ones, or anyone who you encounter for one whole day? Take the challenge and see the difference you can make in the world by simply being kind to others.  

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