Reasons to Stay Sober During Football Season

Reasons to Stay Sober During Football Season

Navigating through sobriety can be difficult at times when you are going through seasons and events that you have never been sober at before. Watching football games, for instance, are typically associated with throwing back some brewskies and taking shots to either celebrate a win or drown their sorrows in a loss. 

Football is a very social sport and may seem difficult to enjoy when you are sober. Here is what you need to know. You can do anything sober. Not only do you have the tools to do so, but there are tons of reasons why this sober football season may be the best one yet.

You can remember the game.

How many times have you watched a game and woke up the next day trying to remember how many touchdowns were scored or attempting to recall the game at all? Watching a game sober gives you the ability to remember everything you experienced the day before and then some. Instead of checking out with drugs and alcohol, you can be present and root on your team.

You can act appropriately during the game.

Whether you are starting fights with the opposing team or being overly braggadocious about your own team, you can just be a sober fan this year. This does not mean that you have to completely refrain from cheering on the home team. All this means is that the inebriated behavior you once displayed can be toned down to passionate fan status. Using your recovery principles will be a good idea because good sportsmanship is the best part of a game. 

You can save some money.

Food and beverages can pricey at the game and buying drugs and alcohol to enjoy the game at home can still cost a pretty penny. Alcohol and drugs are not cheap especially if you have a high tolerance. Being sober means that you do not have to spend a bunch of unnecessary money getting loaded which leaves more money for nachos and team merch. Staying sober can give you the opportunity to enjoy the food and wear your team colors proudly. 

You can stay safe. 

When you are under the influence, you are more likely to be dangerous and make poor decisions. Driving or dodging a bar tab can cause some serious repercussions like fines or jail time. Instead of celebrating in the end zone, you might be taking a personal foul that could cost you the game.

Football season is that time of year that stirs excitement about going into the fall season. Now that you have some reasons that show you that staying sober is actually a great thing to do for yourself, you can have that winning season that you have always dreamed of. 

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