Why Being Sober Doesn’t Have to be Scary on Halloween

Why Being Sober Doesn’t Have to be Scary on Halloween

Every year at the end of October, parties galore can be found to celebrate Halloween. There is something about being able to dress up as your favorite character and let them become your alter ego. For those who can drink and use, Halloween is a great time to get drunk and high especially when you are playing someone else and in party mode. The great news is that you do not have to drink or use on Halloween to have a good time when you are in recovery. You can also participate in Halloween by finding sober activities to engage in and here are some ideas. 

Host your own costume party

Parties can be fun and sober on Halloween. Have everyone dress up and have a costume contest. Other ideas are to have everyone carve pumpkins or have the ingredients to make popcorn balls. The point is to hang out with your sober friends to support each other in knowing that you do not have to drink or use to enjoy a party. 

Find a haunted house

Get a crew together and travel to a haunted house together. You can have a spooky time and bond over the frightening rooms that the haunted house has to offer. More importantly, this is an activity that is typically alcohol and drug-free because the ghosts and goblins are not offering up anything mind-altering so that you can be scared by them! Keep in mind that there may be bars or areas that serve alcohol outside of the haunted house. Since you are already banding together to fight off the haunted spirits, you can help each other to stay away from the scariest spirits of all – alcohol and drugs. 

Attend a local Halloween carnival

Look on your cities website so that you can see all the local events that are offered in your community. Since Halloween is really about the kids, you can find church carnivals or school carnivals that will be dry to cater to the kids. Find activities that will not create any cravings so you can continue to feel safe in your sobriety.

Go trick or treating

No matter what age you are, you can participate in trick or treating. Whether you are passing out candy to children, taking your kids out to trick or treat, or you are the one who is receiving the candy – all you need is a costume and a bag or some candy to give out. Rather than get high on alcohol or drugs, you can get a sugar high that will not make you regret what you did this Halloween!

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