How Do I Tell the Truth with Couth?

How Do I Tell the Truth with Couth?

In recovery, you were probably instructed to tell the truth; the truth will set you free, however, telling the truth has continued to get you in trouble more times than you would like to count. Telling the truth must be tapered down to get the results of truth-telling that you are attempting to achieve. What this boils down to is to find your way of telling the truth in a kind and loving way while experiencing the effects of honesty with some couth.

What should you say?

Sometimes you may think that you should spout the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but really you should think about the repercussions about what you are saying. Understanding how a few words can harm someone should be carefully considered by pondering these couple of questions. Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said by me? Does it need to be said by me right now? If you say no at any point, then you should next inquire about why you said no. Things of gossip, anything that is not your story to tell, or something you are not 100 percent about should be left unsaid. This a great time to check your motives to see where your intentions lie. 

When should you lie?

There is never a good reason to lie. Not everything you think should be said although if someone may be put into danger, you may need to think about the possible consequences.  You could be lying by omission to spare someone’s feelings which should be discussed with a sponsor or a therapist on how to approach telling the truth in certain scenarios. Being honest and telling everyone you know everything you know are two different things. Instead of blabbing to the world what you think you should say, you should first be run your truth by someone you trust.

If someone says it does it make it true?

With the ease of technology, you can see how others are communicating on social media in real-time and often people just say whatever they want to without regard to whether it is true or not. They become trolls and cause more turmoil than it is even worth. Stick to the people and the sources that you know are telling the truth. By associating with others who are truthful, you will most likely stick to telling the truth yourself.  

Outlining what it means to be truthful may be different for everyone depending on family dynamics or possibly their profession. Try your best and you will find yourself telling the truth with some couth.  

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