Best Tips to Get through Thanksgiving Sober

Best Tips to Get through Thanksgiving Sober

Thanksgiving is the time of the year which dictates that the end of the year is upon us. The holidays are often a time of joy and merriment with loved ones that creates memories for a lifetime. Other times the holidays can be a source of sadness and loneliness if someone who is in the throes of addiction is isolating from their loved ones; or is grieving the loss of someone who has departed. During these times of adversity, adding a holiday into the mix can make someone think that drinking and using will take away their pain. 

The truth is that getting drunk or using drugs especially after a bout of cessation will make a person pick up where they left off and make things worse than ever. Why potentially ruin Thanksgiving when you can stay sober and remember the day instead? You will have the ability to stay sober particularly if you use these tips to get you through Thanksgiving this year.

Go with the Flow in Tricky Situations

You may not encounter any shady comments or feel judgment, but you should be prepared just in case. This does not mean that you should be waiting for the other shoe to drop although you should strive to be spiritually and emotionally fit for any situation in your life – not just for Thanksgiving. Learning to implement your recovery tools at any given moment will help you to go with the flow in scenarios that could be uncomfortable. Keep away from expectations that you may put onto others and enjoy yourself no matter what anyone says or does. Thanksgiving is meant to create gratefulness so try not to forget why you are celebrating the day in the first place. 

Ask for Help When You Need It

When you feel like you may be getting antsy because of others drinking or using in front of you, or you may feel provoked by the company you are with at the dinner table, reach out for support. Thanksgiving is not the time to air out your past or your issues in which you may need to excuse yourself from the table to call someone you trust. Let your sponsor or your recovery friends know about your fears beforehand to allow some support to come your way in a time of need.

Thanksgiving thrives on tradition and you can start your own tradition this year by not only staying sober but displaying your emotional sobriety for everyone to see as well. You have much to be thankful for with your recovery that starts with daily gratitude one day at a time. 

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