Why is Unity so Important in Recovery?

Why is Unity so Important in Recovery?

You come into a recovery program and all you hear about is unity which blows your mind. How do so many people who battle addiction come together for the sake of sobriety? During your addiction, you probably could not imagine getting sober and now that you are, you could not imagine going back to your old life. The thing to carefully consider, however, is without the support of others who have exhibited the same irresponsible behaviors and have felt the same way you have felt when you hit your low points in your addiction, you have no real infinity in your recovery. Instead of finding all the reasons to which you are different from others, finding the similarities gives a common ground to come together and encourage one another to stay sober one day at a time. With this type of support, anyone can clearly see why unity is so important in recovery. 

Unity Makes the World Go Around

There is no way that everyone will get along all of the time, but there is no harm in trying. Getting along with others in harmony just feels good. You no longer have to take out your negative feeling on others if you use your recovery and therapy tools when situations come up. Instead of letting everyone know there is a problem, you can use these tools and conversations with your sponsor to iron out what is bothering you rather than break the barriers of unity. 

Our Unity Gains Strength in Numbers

Plain and simple you need others who have gone before you in sobriety and those who will come after you to the see the benefit of recovery firsthand. Every person in the group brings something different to the table in their recovery to become relatable. There will be members who have been to jail, dealt with child custody cases, or owed the IRS money to offer you some real-life experience in showing you that you can get through anything sober. Knowing that you are not alone with people who understand how you feel when it comes to the big and small deals in your life can help you to bond even deeper than the common peril of addiction. 

Unity is a bond that describes how using the “it takes one to know one” mentality will connect us in recovery. Being there for one another in the spirit of service allows you to comprehend that we keep going because we have one another to lean on in the good time and the bad times. 

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