Why is Sobriety the Best Gift?

Why is Sobriety the Best Gift?

Every year for the holidays, shoppers are looking for the best gifts to give their loved ones. From stocking stuffers to online purchases, you can find consumers checking their lists and then checking them twice. The good news for you in recovery is that if you are sober, you have already given yourself the best gift ever and here are some reasons why. 

Sobriety gives you freedom

Drug and alcohol addiction is the equivalent to a ball and chain. No matter how hard you try, you cannot get rid of it until you take some corrective measures to change your thinking. Once you decide you will give recovery a try, you will eventually feel free from not having to constantly search for drugs and alcohol to avoid withdrawal. Plus, recovery gives you an opportunity to work through the pain of the past and drop the baggage you have been carrying around for too long.  

Sobriety gives you peace 

Addiction is nothing more than a string of chaotic days of being on the hunt to stay high or drunk, blacking out, passing out, staying up all night, dehydrating, and becoming paranoid. Some call this partying, but this is a miserable way to live life. As all of this turmoil goes away, you will find more peace than you could ever imagine although sobriety will still be life on life’s terms. The good news is you can handle anything with your recovery tools to give the peace you deserve.

Sobriety gives you clarity

Being inebriated all the time makes you unable to know what is real and what is your altered state of mind. The under the influence lifestyle appears like the only normal one when you are in it. Getting sober will give newfound clarity that can lead you into a better situation for your life.  

Sobriety gives you a new meaning 

When you are drunk or high, your purpose is to get drunk and high and then stay drunk and high. When you stop drinking and using, you find a new meaning in life that will keep you present in your life instead of trying to numb out everything. You can learn about why you have an addiction and what you can do to recover from it so that you can have a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

Sobriety is the gift that keeps on giving. Once you achieve all the reasons why sobriety is the best gift – you can give away what was so freely given to you. 

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