Can I Get Sober for My Kids?

Can I Get Sober for My Kids?

You have been trying to get sober and nothing has worked. Now you are under the assumption that if you use your kids as a motive to get sober, you will not fail. After all, you are finally realizing your children are innocent bystanders that have been caught in the crossfire of your addiction. Taking this into consideration, your prime motivation could become getting sober, so they no longer have to see a parent regularly under the influence. While your kids could be a source of inspiration, getting sober just for them is less likely to stick.

You need to get sober for you. 

There are probably many compelling factors in your life that could persuade you to get into recovery. The truth is that until you are ready to get sober, you cannot get sober for anyone or anything else. For recovery to work, you have to invest in your sobriety with the right intentions to get a solid foundation into your future.  

You need a program to get sober.

Attending therapy, working the 12-Steps, and being of service to others, especially to your kids, will give you a better sense of security to understand what recovery is all about. Having a recovery program, or a set of guidelines and principles, in place, will assist in bettering yourself for long-term sobriety. Not to mention, working a program will give you an opportunity to be the example your children need in life.

You need to get sober to help yourself.

Trying to help others in their life when you are not taking care of yourself first will not be sustainable. When you are dealing with addiction, you will continue to get worse never better. Your kids will need a parent who can not only function in the day to day minutia but can also be present in each moment and be emotionally there for them. In order to achieve security for them, you must find your way into recovery so that you can be a sober parent. 

While your children may seem like the obvious choice to get you sober, addiction is more complex than that. Recovery treats the allergy of the body, the obsession of the mind, and the spiritual malady. Without making changes to you physically, mentally, and spiritually, getting sober will be really difficult to achieve for your kids or for yourself. You can do this, however, while having your kids root you on the whole way.

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