How to Endure Pain Now that You are Sober

How to Endure Pain Now that You are Sober

One of the misconceptions people have, when they get sober, is that life will suddenly exist without pain and misery. While this is true to a certain degree, life still happens. Since there is no control over death, sickness, relationships ending, or anything else that causes fear and agony, getting into recovery from drugs and alcohol does not constitute the end of bad things happening to good people. Life on life’s terms still happens to everyone including those who do not suffer from an addiction. 

Part of that misconception is that you will befall into happiness now that you are living a life drug and alcohol-free. What you need to understand is that drugs and alcohol are merely a symptom of something much bigger going on. Most people have other issues that happen to them that make them want to drink and use to forget them. Whether they have endured sexual abuse, violence, neglect, or have mental health issues that keep them feeling like they fit it, there is typically more to the story of addiction then just overusing substances to numb their pain.

Get to the root cause

People who become addicted to drugs and alcohol do not consume them for the “taste” of them. Their consumption is based on the effects that are produced that cause a phenomenon of craving to take over. Once they are under the influence, they cannot take care of the problems they are trying to avoid with drugs and alcohol. Finding the causes and conditions that have created your agony, you can get closure and learn how to cope moving forward in strength. 

Seek support for the pain

Having others walk you through your pain can give you a sense and comfort that you are not alone. Of course, you can probably feel alone in a room full of people because you feel separated from others due to your addiction. Getting to 12-Step meetings and therapeutic support groups can allow you to be around others who also suffer from addiction. Surrounding yourself with others who can relate to your circumstances can provide the fellowship you crave. Having others around who encourage your sobriety and appreciate your efforts also helps them in the process making recovery worthwhile for everybody involved. 

Use tools for recovery

Finding ways to distract your cravings and your obsession is key. Recovery measures can include going to meetings to hear the solution, being of service to others, and working the 12-Steps. To learn what helps you to say no to your addiction takes time and effort that will be personal to your own recovery. Ask others in your fellowship what they did to get sober and use trial and error to figure out what works best for you. 

Carry the message to give hope

Once you understand what assists you in staying sober, you should give away what was so freely given to you. Find a newcomer to share your experience, strength, and hope with so they can have aspirations to attempt their sobriety as you did. Nothing makes someone else get sober than someone that gives them an indication that recovery really works. Telling them what it was like and what it is like now can prove to them they should keep going. Getting others to relate to you by simply passing on your recovery measures to them can assist in letting them know they are in the right place at the right time.

Be unique for the right reasons

Cessation does not mean negative things stop happening altogether. Sobriety means that you can deal with life on life’s terms which happens to everyone by the way. Thinking you are unique because you are battling addiction is really a lie that your addiction wants you to believe. There are way better things to be unique for instead of being known as the “town drunk” or the “family druggie”. Search for the things that truly make you unique such as playing an instrument, being a good writer, or knitting a blanket and expand on those. Most likely the things that make you unique are also the things that make you relax and feel comfortable in your skin. Doing things that you uniquely enjoy and are not mind-altering can set you up to remain sober. 

A person will always feel pain as a natural element in life. Some pain dissipates in a matter of hours and other pain takes longer to work through. Using drugs and alcohol often makes things much worse than they need to be. You can walk through anything sober if you take the spiritual path found in recovery which is usually coined the easier, softer way. Following the lead of others who are staying sober amidst pain and agony can put you in the direction to endure anything that comes your way.

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