Leap Year Means a Bonus Day of Sobriety

Every four years a leap year happens to keep the calendar synchronized with each season. For some people, this means that they may have to wait an extra day to meet their sobriety milestones and for others, they have a bonus day to have another day of being sober, free, and alive. 

What is so great about recovery?

Your recovery can be such a joy if you let it be. You may think that being sober means that everything will become boring and monotonous, but you could not be further from the truth. Sobriety is awesome once you get into the groove of it just like everything else. Change is not always everyone’s favorite thing to do. Change, however, is necessary to not have a dull and repetitious life. Going towards your recovery goals will enhance your relationships, your self-esteem, and your overall well-being in a way that you could never understand unless you trust the process.

Why are people so grateful for their recovery?

Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol is a huge burden although most who are addicted believe that getting sober will be a hardship. Although everyone will eventually die, drugs and alcohol will decrease your lifespan. Getting the chance to live after addiction is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself and you will eventually find yourself grateful that you no longer have to live in that manner. Recovery will meet your needs in a way you never thought was possible if you give it a chance.

How will an extra day be a bonus in my sobriety?

One day at a time (#ODAAT) is an incredible way to boost your life in general and a bonus ODDAT is even better! Staying sober one day at a time is a daily reward to live the life you were always meant to live. Completing each day in love and service to others, and to yourself, is a beneficial way to build up your confidence up through the principles and the 12-Steps. Putting your recovery at the highest regard, even on leap day, will show you a never-ending bonus to remain sober for the long haul.  

Bonus days are the best and you can live your best day this year on February 29th by carrying the message to others who need recovery in their life. Be the example they need on leap day plus every day – #odaat.

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