How Do I Celebrate Valentine’s Day Sober?

One of the best ways to stay sober is trying to not drink and use through any holidays. That means for 365 days straight you would try to stop being under the influence of one holiday to next. Now that Valentine’s Day is so close, you may be terrified as to how in the world you will remain sober on this day you consider to be one of the best days to party. Going on a date and drinking champagne with a significant other may be what you visualize happening even though the reality is that you will get drunk and high to oblivion once you pick up alcohol and drugs. 

This Valentine’s Day you can totally stay sober without having to use champagne as part of your Valentine’s fantasy. Get creative and find other ways to celebrate in a romantic, and fun setting so that you can appreciate that you no longer have to use substances to enjoy Valentine’s Day. 

Plan a movie and dinner date

New movies come out around Valentine’s Day and so you will have plenty to choose from including Rom-coms that can bring out the romanticism you crave. Although you may want to fill up on popcorn and candy, save room for some dinner that could either be sober fancy or sober casual depending on the vibe you are going for. 

Take a dancing lesson

If you are wanting to be close to your loved one, nothing is better than learning a dance together. Whether you go Ballroom dancing, take on Salsa dancing, or try Hip-Hop, you can find some joy in trying something new or honing your technique which will be amazing to experience sober.

Host a paint party

There is something therapeutic about painting and paint parties have become pretty trendy lately. Getting together a group to paint the same picture is a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening. Of course, many of them offer wine as an accompaniment to fun, but you can call off the wine beforehand to keep everyone from being tempted.

You can find fun activities to do on Valentine’s Day that are appropriate for all stages of life by creatively staying sober. Fun is a huge part of recovery once you get into acceptance that you can have sober fun on all holidays including Valentine’s Day – which can be all about loving your sober self this year.

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