Step Two: Restored to Sanity

One of the most misunderstood steps within the 12-Steps is Step 2, which states, “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”

Once you’ve decided that you’re powerless over substances and your life has become unmanageable, being restored to sanity is the next item on the to-do list. This does not mean that you have gone completely insane and need to be locked in an institution with a straitjacket.  This visual is, however, an excellent metaphor for what happens when the phenomenon of craving is provoked. 

The insanity that most people feel when they are suffering from addiction comes before they even take any drugs or alcohol. Yes, people can become mentally unstable from the effects of drugs and alcohol. The real insanity, however, comes when they feel like they have no other choice than to use and drink. At this point, the allergy of the body and the obsession of the mind has taken over. This is where someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol should take Step 2. In this step, you can be restored to sanity before you pick up a drink or a drug. 

Trust a Higher Power

The sanity part of Step 2 can be confusing, and so can the Higher Power part. People believe they must become religious to connect to a Higher Power, but that could not be further from the truth. Religion means that an individual must follow a particular set of rules to be accepted in the church. A Higher Power is a conception of someone’s own understanding, which means it is personal to them and their beliefs. The point is to find something more powerful than the addiction to guide them through sobriety. Believing in God is not necessary even though you will hear people in meetings chose to call their Higher Power “God”. Many others use Reiki, nature, or yoga to connect to a power greater than themselves. Anything that brings peace to an otherwise stressful situation can become a Higher Power.

Trust the process

A person’s faith will not be built overnight. The saying goes, however, “Faith without works is dead.” In other words, anyone seeking a Higher Power will have to put effort into finding their faith. “To come to believe” means that faith is a process that cannot be rushed. Some people start by trusting their recovery meetings and the people in the meetings. This trust becomes a foundation that continues to evolve into bigger faith. The longer they stay around, the more they see The Promises coming true in their life, along with various other miracles coming to fruition. Trusting the process can be challenging at times. Nonetheless, you should look at this process as a necessary journey to comprehend the conception of your Higher Power. Many people struggle with faith and the idea of a Higher Power. This is entirely normal. Doubt is a natural part of faith. The longer you work toward a practical faith in your life, the more your Higher Power will begin to show Himself. 

Trust others in the program

Other people’s experiences with faith can provide hope to those who are still unsure of their own spirituality. Look for the light coming on in the eyes of your peers. Watch them gain motivation from a Higher Power and better their lives while recovering from drugs and alcohol. Their example can lead the way as you investigate a Higher Power for your own spirituality. When they speak of their past transgressions, it is almost impossible to think of them in those adverse situations. Someone who has fully taken Step 2 can help someone else who is struggling with their own conception of a Higher Power. For someone to develop faith, they must discover a Higher Power on their own terms. Still, the love and support of the group can be essential to help them discover their spirituality. 

Step 2 is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship with your Higher Power if you are willing to be open-minded. Identify what you need to be restored to sanity and go with that conception. Your Higher Power will become a crucial aspect of your recovery. In this step, you’ll surrender your will and your old ways of living in favor of a new plan which really works. 

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