How Do I Start Over?

One of the reasons that people put off getting sober is because they know they will have to start over. Even if you still have your family, a job, the house, or your cars, the life you had during addiction brought you to ground zero. You may still have the materialistic things you have acquired over the years, but emotionally, physically, and spiritually, you have gone back to square one. Starting over in any capacity is difficult and with addiction especially, having to concede to your innermost self that you need help can be the very thing to keep you drinking and using. 

Starting over in recovery, however, does not have to be as difficult as you are making it seem like in your head. With anything, you have to have a mustard seed of willingness to attempt to do anything. Once you have mustered enough willingness, you will start gaining traction and momentum to keep going. Keep it as simple as you can by trying these tips to start over.

Acceptance is the answer. 

You may feel like you do not need to make changes because you could be in denial of just how bad things have gotten for you. Accepting the truth in your addiction and accepting that you need to make changes can be instrumental in helping you to start over wherever you need to. You are not defeated. You are simply surrendering to your old life to yield a new one in recovery. 

Step outside your comfort zone.

One of the biggest differences you can implement into your life is working the 12-Steps. Yes, the recovery measures can take you out of your comfort zone although you have nothing left to lose except everything. Now that you are at your current bottom in your addiction, you can get to the back to the top with step work. Admitting that you are powerless over drugs and alcohol in Step One all the way to being able to help someone else who is also suffering from addiction in Step Twelve, is not only life-changing but more importantly lifesaving.

Doing whatever it takes to get out from under can give you the best opportunity to get and stay sober. You may not feel like you have the ability to start over although you do. Use the power of recovery to help you turn things around and live the life you were always meant to. 

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