Why Isolation Should Be Avoided in Recovery

People who use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism often find themselves isolated from people who cannot or will not understand their addiction. Once they find their way in recovery from these mind-altering substances, isolation does not just automatically turn around. Actually, the opposite tends to happen and new changes in their life can isolate them even more. 

If you are feeling isolated, you should not feel bad. Isolation in recovery happens all the time. When new territory is being explored such as getting sober and then staying sober, feeling like an outcast and not being able to relate to new acquaintances is a normal reaction. You should, however, try to work through the inner seclusion you are feeling because you are holding yourself back in your sobriety. Here are some of the main reasons you should stop isolating so that you can get the recovery that is imperative for a fulfilling life.

You Will Miss out on Recovery Friends.

Yes, we understand that you are not looking for any new people to add to your contact list. Recovery friends are different in the way that they know what you are going through and can articulate what you are feeling because they have been there, done that. Having people on your side to help walk you through the difficult situations that you will endure in sobriety will make a huge difference and potentially save your life. 

You Will Miss out on the Solution.

Going to meetings or attending therapy may not be your thing, but if you are not seeking the solution, you may find yourself close to picking up a drink or a drug. Meetings and therapy are instrumental in changing your perspective to a healthier one in recovery. Growth comes from making changes through working the 12-Steps or using therapeutic measures to help you see your value and your potential. Sitting at home alone only makes your brain think about the same harmful things that could quickly lead you to a relapse. 

The great thing about getting sober is that you never have to be alone again. There are tons of people in the recovery world that are also looking for new friends to relate to and meetings to lean on when the tough gets going. Find them so you can see how your life will turn around with togetherness and unity in recovery. 

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