Tips to Align with Your Higher Power

Talking about connecting to a Higher Power is a hard conversation for some to be a part of. Whether your religious affiliation has left a bad taste in your mouth, you have only encountered hypocritical religious people, or you just have never been introduced to spirituality before, you should still try to see what happens. 12-Step programs suggest throughout their twelve steps the idea of aligning with a Higher Power. The suggestion includes finding your own conception of a Higher Power which means that anything you personally feel compelled by. Your Higher Power does not have to be religious or what someone else tells you to believe. This conception of a Higher Power is 100 percent yours and yours alone. If you are still leery of what a Higher Power can do in your life, here are some tips to help you get aligned with yours. 

Follow moralistic intuition

Inside everyone is a voice that tells them the right thing or the wrong thing. Often this moral compass can be broken by drug and alcohol addiction and can be repaired by having a relationship with a Higher Power. You may usually pick the “devil” on your shoulder instead of choosing the proverbial angel. With a Higher Power directing your intuition, you will most likely find that you are taking better actions, being kinder to others, and staying sober from drugs and alcohol.

Do contrary action

Recovery talks much about taking contrary action which should be considered when finding a Higher Power. Believing that a Higher Power would allow bad things to happen to good people can cause contention and keep them from wanting to align with a Higher Power. In this scenario, you have to really think about yourself in your personal relationship with your Higher Power instead of accumulating what is happening to everyone else. If you were look back on the situations that you put yourself into, you can see that something bigger than yourself was there protecting you when you were running on your own self-will. Taking opposite action of connecting to a Higher Power when you really are not interested in doing so, could make the difference you have been searching for to fill in the gap. 

When you choose your conception of a Higher Power, find something that you feel impassioned with such as a loving God, the ocean, or even a doorknob. The suggestion is to start with something and grow into your faith. Once you start aligning yourself with a Higher Power, you will see the positive changes you are experiencing and want even more.  

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