How to Stay Sober on Easter This Year

Sober Easter

Once spring starts showing up, Easter is right around the corner. While this fun-filled holiday originated from religious events, kids today mostly see bunny rabbits, prize eggs, and candy. The tradition of Easter egg hunting was actually a pre-Christian tradition that symbolized the new birth of creatures that happened during the spring. Men would hide eggs for the women and children to find. What started as a communal activity has remained a tradition with community Easter Egg Hunts ongoing, but it has also become a household holiday; due in part to the commercialization of candy. 


Putting all that tradition aside, Easter is a day when families typically come together to have a meal and entertain their kids. Days like this that involve getting together with the family can cause stress and anxiety, especially if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Instead of ham and Easter eggs being the focal point, your need to cope by getting drunk or high could make you become the martyr of the day


Well, this year is going to be different for you, because you are sober now with a new outlook on life. The same family dynamics are going to be part of the day, but allowing your coping skills to be on point can keep you from drinking or using when times get tough. 


You will enjoy the day

Instead of getting in the middle of the family drama, you can be a source of joy for everyone. Rather than drink your way through lunch and well into dinner, you can be of service to those you are around. Play with the kids, help with the dishes, entertain the older folks, and just be comfortable in your skin. You did not get sober to wallow in your past or be alone. You got sober to be part of life again — and this is a fitting time, because that is what the season of spring represents. 


You will enjoy being sober

Although this may be your first sober Easter, after everything is said and done, you will probably find that being sober is the way to go. You will remember the day without blacking out or passing out, and there will be no amends to make if you stay in your lane. This year could be completely different because sobriety is the best prize egg of them all. Your sobriety is a nest egg waiting to hatch and the outcome will be a beautiful transformation for you to delight in. 


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