How Do I Stop Disappointing Others Because of My Addiction?

How Do I Stop Disappointing Others Because of My Addiction?

If you are reading this and have battled addiction, there is no doubt that you have, at one time or another, felt like you were disappointing someone. Whether you did something inappropriate under the influence, committed a crime, or anything in between, human emotion will provoke disappointment from others based on your alcohol and drug use. 

Obviously, you should not be granted any justifications for what you do inebriated, although compassion may help you to see the error of your ways more clearly. Rather than continuing to go down this path of endless disappointments, you should get sober, make some changes in your life, and be around others with whom you can relate to. 


Discover your sobriety.

Continuing to drink and use when you know you will disappoint your loved ones, the court, or anyone else who becomes affected, will only make matters worse. Getting sober will not automatically solve all your problems, but recovery will certainly point you in the right direction. Attending a rehabilitation facility can give you a recovery program to follow, teach you life skills to successfully move forward, and provide a relapse prevention plan that will add recovery tools into your daily life. Devising a new way to live without the effects of drugs and alcohol will give you a way out of your addiction and propel you into recovery


Discover your revision.

If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting. Yes, change can be scary, although the aftermath will be promising. Your worst day sober will be better than your best day drunk or high because you will now have tools to cope with whatever is going on. Instead of picking up a drink or drug, you will learn to pick up the phone and call someone or pick up a meeting to attend. Today you have the choice to change; so seize the moment and take charge.


Discover your community.

When you hang out with people, you tend to become similar to them. Hanging out with people who take drugs and drink alcohol will eventually make you crave them. Hanging out with people who are in recovery will make you crave recovery! Find the people who have what you want and start spending time with them. You can pick their brain regarding your program and learn how much fun recovery can actually be. 

Taking these suggestions on what you should focus on will assist in finding more satisfaction in your life to replace the previous disappointment you may have caused. Today is the day you can stop letting others down and start benefiting everyone with your recovery.  


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