Why Asking for Help Is Not a Sign of Weakness

Why Asking for Help Is Not a Sign of Weakness

Addiction provokes lies and denial about how bad a person really is when it comes to their personal alcohol or drug consumption. Until someone is in the grips of their addiction with withdrawal and consequences, they may not be able to see that their drug and alcohol use are tearing life apart. Even then, asking for help could be difficult to fathom because for some, surrender equals defeat.  


The thing about addiction is that drugs and alcohol are cunning, baffling, and powerful. Someone with addictive tendencies has an adverse reaction to these substances that creates an allergy in the body and an obsession in the mind.

Once they have one drink or one drug, they cannot stop without help with cessation. This is why finding aid for the duplicitousness of addiction is imperative and not a weakness of character.


Strength comes from overcoming addiction. 

Although there is no cure for addiction, there is a solution. Addiction can creep back in at a weak moment without additional assistance in recovery by trying to just go cold turkey.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but for most, they cannot stop drinking and using drugs on their own. Maybe the physical allergy will dissipate after a few days, however, the obsession of the mind is what makes people turn to drugs and alcohol again.

Through working the 12-Steps, therapy, and attending a rehabilitation facility someone can find the power to overcome that relentless obsession and turn to the solution


Strength comes from the struggle. 

There will be days that may be challenging once a person gets sober and starts relying on their recovery to take them through. Without the struggle that comes from recovery, the true appreciation for the life that comes from the work would be missed.

Rather than pick up a drink or a drug again, hopefully the individual will remember how hard it was to get sober and use that recollection to keep pushing harder in recovery. The past may be difficult to remember, but the past can be an asset to keep trudging the road of recovery towards a happy destiny. 


Some may continue to feed into the age-old philosophy that asking for help makes someone weak. Those who do what is best for them and their recovery will prevail over the destructiveness that their addiction has caused them by seeking the help that will make them stronger than ever. 


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