How Bradley Cooper Became a Supporting Role in Recovery

How Bradley Cooper Became a Supporting Role in Recovery

To truly understand addiction, we have to comprehend that addiction can come for anyone at any time. No one is spared from developing an addiction unless they completely abstain from whatever they are becoming addicted to. Even some celebrities today are publicly sharing how they have battled addiction and are not afraid to share their recovery with everyone as well. Since society often puts celebrities on a pedestal, having their experience, strength, and hope on a bigger scale can be helpful for those who are also battling addiction. Being able to relate to someone who is looked up to and is also recovering from addiction can give others hope that they, too, can get sober.  


One celebrity who seems to put his hand to other celebrities who may be struggling with their addiction is Bradley Cooper. We have heard several celebrities in recent interviews and acceptance speeches name Cooper as the example they needed to get sober. From Brad Pitt to more recently with Ben Affleck, Cooper seems to have a way with being of service to others who need to navigate into a sober life. 


Being in the spotlight

Ben Affleck has definitely had his ups and down with alcohol addiction in the spotlight. We have seen drunk videos of him plastered on the internet, watched his divorce blow up in front of the media, and witnessed his statements regarding his relapses. All the while, Ben Affleck has still tried hard to maintain sobriety and has now turned to Bradley Cooper as one of his go-to guys for the solution to his recovery. 


Being in the interview

In an interview he did with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, Ben Affleck gushed over the support from Bradley Cooper, and another leading, sober actor, Robert Downey, Jr., because recovery is not meant to be walked alone. In this interview with Sawyer, Affleck talks about how he chooses to plan his day around what brings him and others joy — not around the negative aspect of regret. He also has hopes and dreams that he desires to achieve one day at a time. Affleck does not believe he has all the answers, but he knows he is on the right journey with his sobriety, especially with his sober celebrity buddies. 


As far as Bradley Cooper is concerned (who has been sober since 2004), we hope to keep following his example of putting his hand out to others who are still out there suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Although we in recovery should not be looking for awards or accolades for being of service, we do believe Cooper should win the best supporting actor award for his role in recovery. 


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