How to Use Isolation to Your Advantage

using isolation to your advantage

The last few months have been a different time for Americans, and for many people around the world, due to the global pandemic. You may have found yourself wondering how your recovery will be affected by the federal mandate to shelter in place. As sober living facilities went on lockdown and healthcare facilities shut down to protect workers and patients, isolation may have become a reality faster than you might have been prepared for it. Needing to have face-to-face interaction is probably important in your recovery, although your recovery has equipped you more than you may have even realized. 


When lives are on the line, you either face the consequences or get sober, which is exactly what happens when forced isolation ensues. Even though you have been taught that isolation is a slippery slope to go down, you really have no other choice than to adapt just like you did when you got sober. The best thing you can do in these situations is to continue going with the flow and remaining open to learning what comes next. Isolation does not have to be all bad because you can use this time to your advantage.


Practice Your Spirituality

The true purpose of spirituality is to center you in times where you may not know how to handle yourself. Your spirituality can assist you in the right direction of what you need to be doing to get through the times that seem uncertain. In cases of isolation, when you feel alone, you really are not. Staying spiritually fit is suggested and important to maintain so that you can rely on your faith to fall back on when times get rough.  


Practice the Principles of Recovery

In cases of unexpected isolation, you will only have you and your energy to depend on. Now that you are not bringing the weight of the world home with you every day, it is up to you to provide positivity and create joy in your house. By practicing the principles of recovery in all your affairs, you are sure to achieve this much easier. Adding principles like gratitude, humility, open-mindedness, and honesty into your isolation will make for an even better time when you get back out into the world. To be the best version of yourself, implement these principles into your life now so you can instantly benefit from them.


Practice Self-Care

Isolation is an excellent time to see how well you are taking care of yourself. Rather than reach for negative coping mechanisms, you should try self-care methods that make you feel good about yourself. Take time out for a bath using aromatherapy to help you relax. Go for a walk with your dog to get some fresh air or use any kind of physical activity to relieve your pent up tension. Whatever it is that helps you to focus on yourself so that you are mentally, physically, and spiritually on point is worth taking the time to do. Taking care of yourself should be your first priority since you cannot take care of others unless you are putting your oxygen mask on first. 


Practice Family Values

The people who are closest to you are the relationships you should cherish. Yes, you need relationships of all kinds, but how you treat the people who are the most important to you can reflect on how you view yourself. Arguments and fault-finding should be avoided at all costs, especially during a period of isolation. Honoring family values can filter into other relationships outside of your close-knit loved ones. Giving compassion, spreading kindness, displaying good manners, breaking bread together, having fun, and being creative are likely the aspects of family values that will take you far in life. These core values can extend into your job, your romantic relationships, and any other parts of your life that have great importance.  


Practice Your Interests

Do not rely on the news and social media for your entertainment. Try to discover activities that promote mental health wellness by using your artistic capabilities, listening to music, cleaning out a drawer, or working on a puzzle. Set up a home gym or plant the garden you have always wanted. Instead of sitting around worrying about the fear of the unknown with doom and gloom, think outside the box and try doing something productive. 


Isolation does not have to be viewed so negatively. This is a time where you pull all of your saved resources together to prove that you are stronger than you think. The best thing you can do during a time of restriction is to use your time wisely so you can look back in hindsight with 20/20 vision and know you did what you could to be a blessing. 


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