Tips to Practice Faith Over Fear

Tips to Practice Faith Over Fear

One of the most prevalent emotions that are felt by someone who has battled drug and alcohol addiction is fear. The range of fear is huge because the origin can stem from trauma, abuse, phobias, or feelings that originated in everyday scenarios.

Once fear sets in, you may find yourself experiencing physical, mental, and spiritual changes taking place. You may begin fleeing, isolating, or suppressing your fear which will manifest itself in other ways. Anger, depression, and anxiety could become outward emotions when dealing with your fear. 


In order to combat fear, you must armor yourself in faith. For some, this could be a difficult suggestion to take. For one reason or another, the talk of spirituality may make you uncomfortable.

The thing to consider is that spirituality can come from any aspect you choose to believe in. Whether its religion, science, space or the universe, having faith for you personally gives you another method to overcome your fears. 


Find Your Way

Faith does not necessarily come easily for many people so if you are worried about yours, just give it some time for you to comprehend. To find your way into your faith, you have to start practicing some means to get there.

Prayer, meditation, mindfulness in nature, reiki, or going to church are just some of the typical ways others have felt faith in their soul in spite of the intangibility.    


Find Your Power

With the suggestion of connecting to a Higher Power, you have to figure out where the power comes from. A Higher Power, of your own understanding, that is personal to you, means that you cannot be wrong in your faith.

You must find a power greater than yourself to relinquish your fears to that power. You have to know by now that your control is subservient to something bigger.

If you got sober after all the perilous years in your addiction, you must recognize that there is something with faith that is actually bigger and more powerful than your fears. 


The best thing you can do to take down your fears is to find where your faith lies. Get diligent in your search so that you can finally give those debilitating fears to your Higher Power. Once you do, you will find more joy and more relief than you ever thought possible. 


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