How Do I Leave My Kids Behind When I Go to Rehab?

leaving my kids for rehab

Besides not wanting to go, the number one reason parents turn down the offer to attend rehab is because they cannot fathom leaving their children behind. They find themselves fighting the solution for their addiction because, understandably, they want to stay and take care of their children. The thought of having someone else raise their kids gives them worry and stress since that would mean they will not be around to witness what happens to them. 


If this sounds like where you are in your life, you need to put getting sober at the top of your to-do list. You are really putting yourself, and your children, at-risk with the consequences of your addiction. Here is what you need to know about why leaving your kids to go to rehab is the most loving and beneficial circumstance you can put them in.


You Have to Take Care of Yourself First

Although you are in charge of taking care of your kids, you must take care of yourself first and foremost. There is no way for you to take care of others if you do not value your sobriety and want to be the best example of that you can. Without being sober, you are not taking very good care of yourself which makes your children suffer right along with you.  


Your Kids Will Benefit From Your Recovery

People typically become like others they surround themselves with. This means if you are practicing recovery principles in all your affairs, most likely your kids will follow suit. Using the tools in your recovery and in your parenting will give your children a chance to experience principles like humility, compassion, and honesty to also pass onto others.


Your Program Will Show You Healthier Relations

While you were under the influence, your kids did not get to see the real you. They were dealing with your addiction and after rehab, they will be dealing with your recovery. What a difference you can make in their lives by showing them what life can be like without drugs and alcohol to compete with. Your kids will get to know you as an authentic and healthy parent with all the benefits of recovery working for you. Plus, you can give them security and safety knowing that they have sober you to depend on. 


Going to rehab can be scary to think about. Ask for help, especially with your kids, so that you can focus on your recovery while improving your children’s well-being in the process. Going to rehab and using your recovery for everyone’s best interest will yield the best long term results.


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