Why Kindling Your Addiction is so Dangerous

Kindling Your Addiction

Relapse can be a part of recovery. A relapse happens due to not having a defense against the first drink or drug. Once the relapse occurs, the person may decide that it was a mistake and go to any lengths to stay sober. Others may start an insidious cycle of relapse that they cannot stop. With each relapse, the drugs and alcohol get tougher to manage and bring about more significant consequences. The term that is associated with this cycle of relapse is called “kindling.”

The term “kindling” typically refers to the small twigs and brush used to start a fire. Materials like wood or newspaper can be used to make the fire bigger, powerful, and longlasting. In the same sense, when a person keeps relapsing repeatedly, they are kindling their addiction, which becomes extremely dangerous.

The Body Gets Stressed

As the cycle continuously repeats from abstinence to drinking and using, and then back to sobriety, the body takes a beating. The withdrawal symptoms get progressively worse with each episode of relapse. Every time a person declines, the more the body endures physically and mentally, which can create subsequent health conditions to develop.

The Body Gets Confused

The brain’s chemistry has to compensate for the withdrawal of drugs and alcohol by causing the brain to speed up. As the depressive effects of alcohol and drugs wear off, the central nervous system lacks the reward it is looking for and produces withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the person, withdrawals can be minor, moderate, or extreme. Either way, the impact of withdrawal will worsen each time a person relapses.

The Body Gets Desensitized

Repeated attempts to get sober only make a person resistant to the methods of recovery after a while. The kindling effect makes everything worse and causes recovery to seem like a waste of time after previous unsuccessful attempts. After feeling like everything is futile, kindling will ultimately blow up a person’s recovery.

If you understand the danger of kindling an addiction, you can gain some insight into why you should avoid the painful process of relapse altogether. Staying sober will be the best route you can take – because your life depends on it.

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