Step Seven: Embracing Humility

Step Seven: Embracing Humility

Working your way up to Step Seven is not an easy feat. From the total surrender of drugs and alcohol, all the way to identifying your character defects to give up to a higher power takes intentional effort. Although Step Seven has the least amount of wording in the literature compared to other steps, the effect is monumental, nonetheless. When you decide that you are inclined to proceed with Step Seven, you are choosing to embrace humility as an added and necessary measure in your life.

Step Seven states, “Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.” After deciding that you were ready to get rid of your character defects in Step Six, Step Seven gives you a prayer to attempt this lifelong process with the connection of a higher power. You will never completely be rid of shortcomings, but the Seventh Step prayer can give you the words to undertake the action ongoing.

“My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad. I pray that you now remove from me every single defect of character which stands in the way of my usefulness to you and my fellows. Grant me strength, as I go out from here, to do your bidding. Amen.”

When you are willing to accept spiritual direction, you can use your character defects as instruction for the courage to change and guidance to do so. The goal for Step Seven is to begin to intuitively know how to handle situations that you would not normally know how to manage. By turning your character defects into assets, you can learn from, you can grow exponentially in your sobriety while gaining back your self-worth.

Humility Allows for Admission.

Starting in a 12-Step program, you have had to concede more things than you may have realized you needed to. Admitting that you were addicted to drugs and alcohol was a start, but then you had to tell another person your resentments, fears, and relationship patterns, which revealed your shortcomings. Lowering this guard in admission will help you to humble yourself in Step Seven. At this point, you have nothing left to lose if you have been as thorough as you possibly can. You are opening yourself up to more growth by looking for spiritual guidance as a means to be rid of the deficiencies that are holding you back.

Humility Allows for Confession.

Connecting to a higher power gives you the ability to be transparent with yourself. Releasing your will through a conversation with your higher power will relieve you from the bondage of self. You will experience freedom in a new way because you are continuing the eradication process by letting go of your objectionable character traits.

Find a suitable way to confess your willingness through prayer, casual conversation with your higher power, journaling, or however you feel comfortable. By doing this, you are giving your higher power something to work with, and the changes can start to take place.

Humility Allows for Transformation

You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Once you grasp onto this spiritual way of life, you will inevitably start to see a shift taking place that will give you the ability to alter the way you are going through life. Ask, and you shall receive, but if you stand idly by believing that you are not worth making changes, nothing will change. Sobriety starts the transformation, although recovery keeps the transformation going. The possibilities of change are endless, which can keep the renewal of your recovery achievable.

Humility Allows for Appreciation.

With the initiation of Step Seven, you will bring about gratitude for what you have discerned through your step work so far. Knowledge is power, and you have had to swallow and digest some significant truths about yourself to have a spiritual experience in humility. The ability to veer in the direction of asking for spiritual help comes from your effort to accept the truth with gratefulness and willingness. Getting to the point of Step Seven can give you great relief and clarity of where you are heading in your recovery. For that, you will feel accomplished for what you have done thus far and appreciate how much recovery has given back to you.

Step Seven is a step that allows you to ask for help in simple terms on a daily basis. Requesting assistance from a higher power readies you to embark on the rest of the 12-Steps with vigor. Remember that there is no such thing as perfection, but with Step Seven, you can experience spiritual progression. When you can get out of the way of control, you can find yourself more connected to your recovery by laying the foundation of spiritual growth that will be undeniable.

Once you understand the importance of Step Seven, you can move forward in confidence in doing the right thing. In your addiction, you put yourself in the red, but working the 12-Steps has put you into the green, especially with Step Seven. You are granting yourself the fortitude to be who you are meant to be in recovery.

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