Why Living a Double Life in Recovery Won’t Work

Why Living a Double Life in Recovery Won’t Work

Some people are so far gone in their addiction that everyone knows what is going on. For others, they are so good at hiding what they are doing; they can show their nice side without revealing their naughty side. They have to work hard to avoid showing others the truth about their addiction, creating their duplicitousness. Even though hiding and denial might be second nature to keep up with an addiction, living a double life in recovery just will not work.

Honesty Is Key

After getting sober, which is an important aspect of recovery, you must get honest. Instead of attempting to engage in shady behaviors behind everyone’s backs, or lying about what you are really doing, becoming forthright will set you free. Although getting honest in your actions and thoughts may not be your initial choice, once you start showing some integrity, you will gain back the trust that was once lost. You have an amazing chance in recovery to show others how you have changed through making honesty your policy—one day at a time.

Break the Illusion

Getting rid of your immoral image can happen as long as you stay on the path of recovery and continue taking a moral high ground. What people may have thought of you while you were under the influence of drugs and alcohol is really an illusion of something other than what you are when you are sober. Recovery is the way to break the negative perception of your ill behavior and double life derived from being loaded on drugs and alcohol.

There is certainly a stereotype surrounding addiction, and by getting sober, you are breaking that stigma that recovery works when you work it. Having a double life may be exhilarating for many, although that kind of lifestyle gets wearisome to maintain and unsustainable, the longer you allow it to go on. The confusion of knowing right from wrong is the biggest concern of keeping a double life.

In recovery, doing the right thing will help keep you on track not to drink or use no matter what. You can finally become the best sober version of yourself by being who you were meant to be all along without drugs and alcohol being in the mix. Rather than preserving your double life, put double the effort into your recovery, and you will be astonished by the results.

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